CT5-V | Blackwing (2020-2024)

2020-2024 Cadillac CT5-V / Blackwing: Unleashing Power with Premium Drag Racing Wheels & Tires!

Elevate the race-ready prowess of your 2020-2024 Cadillac CT5-V with our curated selection of top-tier drag wheels and tires. The drag strip calls for perfection, and your Cadillac deserves nothing less than the industry's best. Whether you're seeking record-breaking speed or an unbeatable look, we've got you covered.

Weld Racing Drag Wheels: Known for their flawless craftsmanship and lightweight design, Weld Racing Drag Racing Wheels offer the ultimate fusion of style and performance. These wheels are crafted to reduce rotational mass, ensuring rapid acceleration and dynamic response when you hit the gas.

Forgestar Drag Wheels: With a legacy of producing performance-oriented wheels, Forgestar offers drag wheels that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also offer unbeatable strength. Their unique rotary forged flow forming process guarantees a robust wheel with minimized weight.

Mickey Thompson Tires: Completing your drag-ready setup, we present the legendary Mickey Thompson Tires. Synonymous with racing, these drag racing tires offer unparalleled traction and stability, ensuring that your CT5-V stays glued to the track.

Equip your Cadillac CT5-V with the industry's finest, and witness a transformation in its performance. Because on the drag strip, every second counts.

Size Location Offset B/S S71 Black S76 Black S77 Black
18x5.0 Front -23 2.1 71HB8050N21A 76HB8050N21A 77HB8050N21A
18x11 Rear only* 41 7.6 71HB8110N76A 76HB8110N76A 77HB8110N76A
18x11.5 Rear only* 48 8.1 71HB8115N81A 76HB8115N81A 77HB8115N81A
20x5.0 Front -31 1.75 71HB0050N18A 76HB0050N18A 77HB0050N18A
20x8.0 Front -6 4.25 71HB0080N43A 76HB0080N43A 77HB0080N43A
20x10 Front 19 6.25 71HB0100N63A 76HB0100N63A 77HB0100N63A
20x11.0 Rear only 44 7.75 71HB0110N78A 76HB0110N78A 77HB0110N78A


Size Location Offset B/S S80 Black S81 Black S82 Black
18x5.0 Front -23 2.1 80HB8050N21A 81HB8050N21A 82HB8050N21A
18x11 Rear only* 41 7.6 80HB8110N76A 81HB8110N76A 82HB8110N76A
18x11.5 Rear only* 48 8.1 80HB8115N81A 81HB8115N81A 82HB8115N81A
20x5.0 Front -31 1.75 80HB0050N18A 81HB0050N18A 82HB0050N18A
20x8.0 Front -6 4.25 80HB0080N43A 81HB0080N43A 82HB0080N43A
20x10 Front 19 6.25 80HB0100N63A 81HB0100N63A 82HB0100N63A
20x11.0 Rear only 44 7.75 80HB0110N78A 81HB0110N78A 82HB0110N78A


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