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Enhance Your Import Drag Racing Game with WELD Tuner Import Drag Wheels - Ideal for Honda Civic, CRX, and Acura Integra!

Import drag racing demands high-performance components, especially when it comes to wheels. For owners of iconic cars like the Honda Civic, Honda CRX, and Acura Integra, WELD Tuner Import Drag Wheels are the ultimate upgrade. Merging exceptional engineering with a design tailored for import racing, these wheels are essential for anyone seeking to maximize their vehicle’s potential on the drag strip.

Precision Engineering for Peak Performance:

WELD Tuner Import Drag Wheels are masterfully crafted for the rigors of drag racing. They offer a lightweight yet sturdy build, perfectly balancing speed and endurance. The wheel dimensions and bolt patterns are specifically designed for import cars, making them an ideal fit for models like the Honda Civic, CRX, and Acura Integra. These wheels enhance performance by improving handling and stability at high speeds.

Striking Design and Enduring Construction:

Featuring a sleek, aggressive design, WELD Tuner Import Drag Wheels elevate the aesthetic of any vehicle. The finish is not only visually impressive but also built to withstand the demanding conditions of racing, ensuring durability and lasting appeal. For Honda Civic, CRX, and Acura Integra owners, these wheels add a touch of competitive flair to their vehicles.

Safety and Reliability:

In high-speed drag racing, safety is crucial. WELD wheels come equipped with features like beadlocks (select models) to secure the tire firmly, providing added stability and control. This focus on safety is essential for drivers pushing their Honda Civic, CRX, or Acura Integra to the limits on the track.

Custom Fit for Honda and Acura Models:

These wheels are designed with specific vehicles in mind, including the Honda Civic, CRX, and Acura Integra. The precise bolt patterns and sizes ensure a perfect fit, optimizing the vehicle's performance capabilities. This targeted design allows for improved handling and better overall driving dynamics.

A Tradition of Racing Excellence:

Choosing WELD Wheels is about embracing a legacy of excellence in racing technology. Renowned for quality and innovation, WELD’s products are the culmination of extensive research and development in wheel manufacturing. These wheels bring years of racing expertise to your Honda Civic, CRX, or Acura Integra.

Effortless Installation and Upkeep:

WELD Tuner Import Drag Wheels are designed for convenience. The straightforward installation process allows Honda Civic, CRX, and Acura Integra owners to efficiently upgrade their setup. Maintenance is simple, with a durable finish that keeps the wheels looking pristine with minimal effort.


WELD Tuner Import Drag Wheels are more than just a component; they're a transformative upgrade for your Honda Civic, CRX, or Acura Integra. By combining top-tier engineering, robust construction, and sleek design, these wheels set a new standard in import drag racing. Elevate your vehicle's performance and style with WELD Tuner Import Drag Wheels – the choice of champions.


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