RT-S S70

Unparalleled Performance with WELD Racing RT-S S70 Forged Drag Wheels & S70 Beadlock Wheels.

When it comes to dominating the drag strip, precision and performance are non-negotiable. Introducing WELD Racing RT-S S70 Forged Drag Wheels, meticulously engineered to deliver unmatched speed, control, and reliability on the track. Whether you're behind the wheel of a Hellcat Charger, Hellcat Challenger, Mustang GT500, Jeep Trackhawk, Durango Hellcat, Camaro SS, Camaro ZL1, or GEN2/GEN3 CTS-V, WELD RT-S S70 Forged Drag Wheels, available exclusively at, are your ticket to victory.

Unmatched Performance for the Ultimate Drag Racing Experience.

WELD RT-S S70 Forged Drag Wheels are meticulously crafted to provide exceptional performance on the drag strip. Constructed from aerospace-grade forged aluminum, these wheels offer exceptional strength and durability while minimizing weight for maximum acceleration and handling. With their advanced design and precision engineering, WELD RT-S S70 Forged Drag Wheels deliver lightning-fast launches, consistent ETs, and uncompromising control from start to finish.

Precision Engineering for Maximum Strength and Durability.

Each WELD RT-S S70 Forged Drag Wheel is engineered and tested to ensure maximum strength, durability, and performance under the most demanding racing conditions. With their advanced manufacturing techniques and rigorous quality control standards, these wheels offer unmatched reliability, allowing you to push your vehicle to its limits with confidence. With WELD RT-S S70 Forged Drag Wheels, victory is within reach.

Beadlock Technology for Maximum Grip and Control.

For drivers seeking maximum traction and control on the drag strip, WELD offers RT-S S70 Beadlock Drag Wheels. Featuring innovative beadlock technology, these wheels securely clamp the tire bead to the wheel, preventing tire slip during hard launches. This ensures maximum grip and consistency, allowing you to achieve your best times with precision and confidence. With WELD RT-S S70 Beadlock Drag Wheels, you can unleash the full potential of your vehicle without compromise.

Sleek Design, Aggressive Style

In addition to their exceptional performance, WELD RT-S S70 Forged Drag Wheels boast a sleek and aggressive design that enhances the appearance of any vehicle. Available in a variety of sizes, finishes, and configurations, these wheels are designed to complement your vehicle's unique style and personality. Whether you prefer a classic chrome finish or a modern matte black look, there's a perfect set of WELD RT-S S70 Forged Drag Wheels to match your individual taste.

Fitment for Every High-Performance Vehicle.

WELD RT-S S70 Forged Drag Wheels are engineered to fit a wide range of high-performance vehicles, including Hellcat Charger, Hellcat Challenger, Mustang GT500, Jeep Trackhawk, Durango Hellcat, Camaro SS, Camaro ZL1, and GEN2/GEN3 CTS-V. With their versatile fitment options, you can find the perfect set of wheels to enhance your vehicle's performance and aesthetics. Plus, with easy installation and compatibility with OEM components, upgrading to WELD RT-S S70 Forged Drag Wheels is hassle-free.

The asphalt shimmers, a molten mirror reflecting the fiery spirit of your muscle car. Its engine thumps with caged power, eager to erupt on the drag strip. But to fully ignite this inferno, you need the perfect conduit - a set of wheels built for untamed fury and uncompromising performance. Enter the WELD Racing RT-S S70 Forged Drag and S70 Beadlock Drag wheels, meticulously crafted weapons designed to transform your muscle car into a dominating force. Available at, these aren't just wheels; they're an alliance forged in fire, ready to conquer the strip and leave the competition in a cloud of tire smoke.

Available at

Ready to elevate your drag racing experience to the next level? Visit today to explore our selection of WELD RT-S S70 Forged Drag Wheels and S71 Beadlock Drag Wheels. With easy online ordering and fast shipping, upgrading to WELD RT-S S70 wheels has never been more convenient. Don't settle for ordinary – choose WELD RT-S S70 wheels and experience the thrill of victory on the drag strip like never before.

Forged for Infernal Strength:

Crafted from high-strength, lightweight 6061-T6 forged aluminum, WELD S70 Drag wheels are built to withstand the brutal forces unleashed during launch and high-speed sprints. Whether you're a seasoned pro chasing bracket racing glory or a weekend warrior fueled by adrenaline, these wheels ensure unwavering stability and confidence-inspiring control. Forget warping, bending, or cracking under immense stress; S70 Drags are forged to take the punishment and propel you towards victory.

Embrace the Grip of the Abyss:

For those who demand ultimate control and crave the edge, the S70 Beadlock Drag variant elevates performance to a new level. Featuring an integrated forged beadlock ring, these wheels ensure your tires stay firmly seated under extreme power delivery, eliminating wasted energy and wheelspin. Imagine the difference: explosive launches, unmatched traction, and the pure adrenaline rush of knowing your ride is under complete control. Dominate every corner, rewrite drag racing history, and conquer the strip with the relentless grip of S70 Beadlocks.

A Wheel for Every Infernal Chariot:

From the versatile S70 Drag to the ultimate grip specialist, the S70 Beadlock, there's a WELD S70 waiting to unleash your muscle car's true potential. The extensive lineup caters to various bolt patterns, diameters, and offsets, ensuring a perfect fit for your Hellcat Charger, Hellcat Challenger, Mustang GT500, Jeep Trackhawk, Durango Hellcat, Camaro SS, Camaro ZL1, or GEN2/GEN3 CTS-V. Whether you're a nitro-burning king or a forced induction warrior, find the wheel that complements your car's personality and performance needs.

Beyond the Wheel: The Advantage:

Choosing WELD S70 Drag Wheels from isn't just about getting superior equipment; it's about gaining access to a wealth of expertise and support. Their team of drag racing enthusiasts understands your need for speed and can help you select the perfect S70 wheel for your car and application. They offer fast and secure shipping, ensuring your wheels arrive track-ready in no time. And with their competitive pricing and commitment to customer satisfaction, you can be confident you're making the best investment for your drag racing journey.

Investing in Infernal Dominion:

WELD S70 Drag and Beadlock Drag Wheels are more than just an upgrade; they're a statement of intent. They offer the perfect blend of uncompromising strength, lightweight design, and ultimate grip, giving you the tools you need to conquer the strip and rewrite drag racing history. Visit today, explore the world of WELD S70 Drag Wheels, find your perfect match, and unleash the inferno within your muscle car. Leave the competition in the dust, dominate the strip, and write your legend on the asphalt, one earth-shattering run at a time.


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