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Race Star 63 Pro Forged Drag Wheels for Pro-Mod, Pro-Stock, Sportsman, NHRA and NMRA.

The Race Star 63 Pro Forged wheels are made from an aluminum forging that’s stronger than a billet wheel, and much lighter than a steel wheel.

  • Race Star’s Pro Forged Front Runner Wheels are NOT intended for street use
  • SFI Spec: 15.2
  • Lightweight 1-piece configuration
  • 5 Spoke design enhances performance
  • 1-year Manufacturer Warranty

“We wanted to design a wheel that was lightweight, SFI approved, and for drag racing use only. The front wheels were tested with a side impact test that isn’t even required by SFI, because we thought it was important. With some of these heavier cars going as fast as they do, it was critical for us to have such a safe wheel that provided great performance.”

The first in the industry to utilize Friction Stir Fusion Welding to achieve the one piece makeup in an all 6061 aluminum wheel. This allows Race Star Industries to give you a wheel with less runout than the competition in a lighter weight wheel. It also means you will never find silicone on a Race Star wheel for you to worry about leaking welds. The technology used is the same technology used in building a submarine to insure it can take the pressure at depth. This type welding makes the hull of a submarine one piece as it now makes our wheel one piece.

Race Star’s new Race Grip technology is available on select Pro-Forged wheels. The Race Grip design eliminates the use of screws while preventing tire slippage. Non-bead lock wheels in the Pro-Forged 63 series.

Race Star’s New 63 Pro Forged Wheels will put You in the Winner’s Circle!

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